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About Me

LINDA JENKINS-If you want something done, tell this lady that it cannot be done! You cannot own and run a busy day care center, own a thriving traveling scrapbook business, work at a local scrapbook store, sell for a direct-sales company (or two), fly cross-country to sell Cropper Hopper products at wholesale conventions, lead a busy social/scrapbooking life, continue to get layouts done AND be a fantastic wife and mother! Linda can! And do it all with the grace and wit we have all become accustomed to! Since she started scrapbooking over 9 years ago, Linda stays very up-to-date on the latest scrapbooking trends through publications, scouring the internet and being chatty on numerous scrapbook-related message boards. Her utter love of the “page or album-in-a- bag” kind of scrapbooking has helped her create some fantastic page kits and class projects that you see at our crops. Spend some time with Linda and you will see why her boundless energy and creativity will keep you entertained and busy at any HM crop!

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